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Credit goes to original creator ‘Vadle’ on UFC Gaming Forums

You are not going to just walk up to someone and submit the AI with full energy right off the bat.

Stat Info on Importance of Draining Stamina
(This may not be exactly accurate, but it has a lot of bearing through playable testing and is also very important for mindset when attempting a sub. Keep it mind it effects you as well. We are talking Stamina, not energy. Stamina is your overall points. energy is the temporary bar that moves up and down.)

100% Stamina = 100% Submission Defense
80% Stamina = 80% Submission Defense

So an opponent with 90 Sub Defense that has 80% stamina = 72 Sub Defense
This does not mean that just because your stats are higher, you are going to instant sub. You still need to pull off the below techniques.

1. PONR (point of no return) Submission success. Or my term to describe the last bit of animation that doesn’t matter whether your shining or charging because the submission is locked in.
2. YATL (you’re already to late) Submission failure. Or my term to describe the last bit of animation that doesn’t matter how well your doing, because the opponent is already out of the submission.

3. Stamina = The Yellow bar on the stamina meter. Stamina literally is the # of stamina your fighter has. The stamina bar displays this as a percentage. Ex: at the begining of the fight a full bar of stamina is 100% of 85 stamina (or whatever your specifc fighter has).
4. Energy = The moveable color changing bar on top of the Stamina. This determines how long you can attempt a submission. If you run out of it before finishing the sub, you will fail. On the defensive side, if you run out, your defensive shines become “nearly” ineffective.

Stength Charged Submissions

1. [S]More effective than shine method[/S]
2. Comes at the cost of Stamina (not energy, Yes it uses energy, but if you fail it, it will cost you stamina)
3. Timing based
4. Could fail to the YATL if your opponents Sub Def is high enough to make it to the YATL before you yank. (Shining is generally better to start a sub against a high sub defense opponent.)
5. Strength Charged Submissions are really effective versus an opponent with no energy.

How to: Press and Hold the RS. You will feel the vibration in the controller when the opponent is defending the sub. (Removed information on controller vibrations. Wasn’t understood by all and added confussion.) Learn the timing to let go of the RS (Usually a steady pace 3 second count or so. Practice makes perfect. Rank 3 SUbmission – about half a full energy bar, Rank 2 Submission – about 1/4 energy left , and Rank 1 – almost all of it so it’s probably better to shine with a rank 1.) Letting go at the key time will give you the hardest jerk toward the submission. Remember based on Submission rank, this is not an end all. It’s just the biggest yank toward the submission. If you still have some energy you can attempt another Strength Submission, or you can shine to attempt to finish it.

Things to Remember: You want to get your submission past the PONR. You can do that with one clean yank (if rank, and sub offense allow), or the combination of the 2 attempts.

Shine Submissions

1. Technical shine method (steady, complete rotations)

2. Does not cost a lot of Stamina (the cost of stamina is so low, you will hardly see it with the eye.)

3. Constantly applies pressure through the submission attempt gaining grounds toward the PONR

4. Can be combined with Strength Charged Submissions

How to: Rotate the RS in either direction (clockwise, counter-clockwise) making sure you touch the edge entirely around the edge of the RS rim. Start your Shine’s slow and as you get used to making full complete circle’s, up your rotation speed.

Things to Remember: You can use this to move the submission forward toward the PONR then move to a Strength attempt submission. If you wait to long to jerk the submission, your opponent may get out of the submission if he gets to the YATL.

The sub system actually is more realistic than THQ let on. I am not sure why they didn’t go public with this information as it would add a lot more credibility to their geneous. They added “leverage” zones. If you can crank a submission past the 50% mark, it is easier for the submitter to shine to completion than it is for the person to defend it. This is one of the reasons why attempting to shine against a CPU generally falls short. The CPU can perfect shine, which means it can give itself the best case scenario each time on how to use it’s energy. However if you can Strength Submission past the 50% marker, you will notice through the camera distancing that the shine goes a little easier.

Practice makes perfect on your shines however. Practice on your RS rotation speed to see what gives you the fastest best result with the distancing zoom camera function.

1. Real simple, the more advantages the position, the more it adds toward your submission bonus.

Submission Ranks

1. Rank 1 – Very low effective rate. Heavy energy burn. Does not Strength Submit very well.

2. Rank 2 – Medium effective rate. Medium energy burn. Strength submits at a decent rate

3. Rank 3 – Medium effective rate. Low energy burn. Amazing strength submission rate.

Situational Submissions

Summary: Completes half of the submission for you just for slapping one on at the right time.

There are on occasions where you are given what I refer to as a Situational Submission. These are submission bonuses that increase due to the situation (Ex: opponent is low on energy/stamina, then shoots to take you down). If you just regularly slap on the submission you will notice that the submission will automatically be moved forward to over 50% completed of a submission. When this occurrs, I have found it is much better to just shine the submission into place for a victory.

1. Happens at a moment of oppurtunity (low energy/stamina and you strike catch a sub. Or low energy/stamina and they take you down.
2. Make sure you just click the submission (do NOT charge) when you feel you have one of these moments. If you charge right off the bat, you will not get the bonus that moves the submission forward. You will notice when you have a moment of oppurtunity by the movement that occurrs on the submission right after you slap it on.
3. Preferred method is shine. (I prefer this method) Try it yourself find what works for you.

Online Submissions

1. Play with stamina bars on (a must. If you are that guy that doesn’t want to, “I knew a few from my 2009 league”, then just practice on the standard visual tells of gassed opponents and rocked shots.)

2. Submissions on line can be very stat biased

3. However you can still formulate a game plan with your fighters ability to burn their stamina to make it more difficult for them to sub you.

4. Best way to defend the submission is to lower your opponents stamina. (The lower his stamina, the lower his Strength, Submission Offense, and energy will be.)

5. IF you find yourself in a submission, don’t panic. Watch your opponents energy drain to make sure he is actually attempting a sub on you. You don’t want to techincal shine your energy away if it’s a setup.

Career Submissions
Full playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheVadle…67BF4C1D8865F2

1. Work on getting a submission up in rank.

2. Make sure it’s a submission that’s from a position you first enter after you take your opponet to the floor. Ex: (If it’s a double leg, something from guard. If it’s half guard from a slam, something from half guard.)

3. Use your bread and butter submission to get points to obtain harder positioning submissions

Submitting on career is difficult straight out of the gate. The reason behind this is the lack of stats and stamina bar to complete the submission. Below is a good rule of thumb on stats you want to have to start getting ranked up on subs. You can get them sooner, however it is much more difficult.

Str = 40+
Sta = 40+
Sub off = 40+

Submitting after a slam
1. There is a small grace period after a slam that the opponent appears to take a temporary loss of stats and energy to defend against a sub.
2. Very important to block throws, or reverse throws to counter-attack this vunerability.
3. Can work in your favor if you reverse the slam and wind up on top.

Flash Submissions

1. Requires the opponent to be rocked

2. Not guaranteed

3. If stats/positioning and opponents stats/stamina/energy permits, the sub is instantaneous.

Flash Submissions are fairly self explanatory. They are the easiest way to submit your opponent. It’s a simple as just click the RS to initiate the submission. Depending on your stats/positioning and your opponents stats/energy/stamina, the system will determine whether it’s an instaneous submission or standard submission (if he comes out of being rocked).

Subbing the AI

Subbing the AI can be very difficult especially if you are not doing a few things right as far as your choice of submission and the position you are trying to reach. Now the only real good way to honestly submit the AI is an “either or” system. You either do this, or you do that. 1 consists of using harder submission fighter versus the AI or using a lower submission fighter and making sure you DOMINATE him before you sub him.

Order of importance when subbing: (From greatest importance 1, to least greatest importance 7.)

1. Using the Highest rank Submission possible with that fighter
2. Making sure your energy is all they way at the top of your stamina. (Remember energy is the moveable bar)
3. Making sure you have decent stamina. (if you have low stamina, it will effect how much energy you have to use and lower your offensive and defensive stats)
4. Proper charge timing and proper shining5. Opponents energy and stamina
6. Sub Offense
7. Position

Having a rank 3 submission can mean night and day versus a computer. They have perfect shines. Same speed every single time without screwing up or hitting other buttons. A rank 3 guarentee’s that you are using less energy to get the most bang for your buck.

Issues with Subbing the AI with a standard in game fighter:

This is where people that think I am a THQ fan boy are wrong. THQ screwed up a lot of the submission game in this by not giving out certain ranked submissions to certain fighters. (Or placing that huge of a gap between the effectiveness of the different rank of submissions). The #1 Reason people don’t get good charges against a AI expert computer is due to largely the lack of rank 3 submissions. Certain fighters that have clearly made a name for themselves as having a decent BJJ game, or submissions game, got the shaft when it came to the rank 3 submission handouts.

Examples: Forrest Griffin and Brandon Vera. (These are just two, they have many more were stats and ranked submissions just don’t match.)

So in order to get around this, you need to play with either, someone that HAS a decent submission game, or a high enough rank submission from a position that you can utilize. Now you just need to formulate a game plan to get them to that spot while wearing down on their energy/stamina. It doesn’t always necessarly have to be ALL the way down, or down a lot. But combining what is listed about with good charge timing and proper shining will give you a sub.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++

Submission Defense

Mindset: Submission defense is obviously the more important role to submissions because no matter what type of virtual fighter you enjoy being, everyone needs to know them or they get submitted to them.


1. More effective as a defense than charging. (Effective, not powerful)
2. As fast and as clean as possible.
3. Easy to mess up

Being clean is very important for shining, but so is speed. A slow speed but clean shine will suffer huge penalities versus guys with good strength submission offense. In order to cause the submitter to have a difficult time with his strength submissions, you need fast clean shines.

Stuff to watch for: You have to be very careful that you do not get in the habit of just shining away as soon as you see a sub. Wait a second to make sure they are actually using their energy to apply a sub. (Not to long, just enough to make sure.) This goes hand in hand with “Fake Subs” and “Submission Switching”.

Strength Defense Charging

1. More powerful than shines
2. Can use less energy than shining to escape
3. Comes at the cost of stamina
4. Very ease to use

Even though this can be very easy to use, you have to be careful with it’s timing. Charging the defense means that there is no active defense toward getting out of the submission until you let go of the charge. Which means if someone is attempting to submit you and is fast with their submissions, there is a possiblity of them submitting you before you let go of the charge.

How to Use: Simply click in and hold the RS to just before the 50% are of your energy bar. When you let go, it will throw a giant push to release yourself from the submission.

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