What’s with the “BLAZER” Blog?

For those about to bang we salute you.
If you are wondering what the hell this blog is about, then you’ve come to the right spot my friend.

While surfing the web, sometimes there is some content that has just the right things in it. At least to me that is. And for that, there was some kind of storage/management system needed. That’s where BLAZER comes in!
This blog is used as my ‘treasureposts’ journal. To keep the good stuff all in one place, nice and warm.

“So what kind of content are we talking about here?” I hear you say… Well, mostly the things that keep me going during my ‘living’. I found out that most things i look for (and more often than not find) is also interesting for other people.
This may vary to Computer stuff and freebies to prescious help for your videogames or other problems. If i have it, you can use it. Please not abuse it because you’re 2 late…

If there’s some extra thing i might have forgotten in one of my posts, feel free to add the comments with your ‘addon’.

. , . , . B L A Z E R     O U T

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